Hanover welcomes spring with Crabbs Tropical Treat opening day

March 18, 2014 by  

For people in Hanover, spring means it’s time for the annual re-opening of Crabbs Tropical Treat. The ice cream shop and drive-in had its grand opening for the season on March 12.

The seasonal re-opening is traditionally much anticipated for Crabbs and its customers. In years past, people have line up several hours before the drive-in officially opened, eager to get their first taste of the shop’s signature sandwich for the season.

The store could use such methods as poster printing to spread the word of its grand reopening, and it can also rely on word of mouth and the excitement of its loyal customers. Many of Crabbs’ customers have been visiting the shop for several decades.

One of the offerings that keeps people returning to the eatery is the Fat Boy. The sandwich is made of two beef patties, cheese, a special sauce, lettuce, and tomatoes. Some customers who spoke to the Evening Sun on the day view ordering the sandwich as a special opening day tradition.

In previous years, some customers have placed their opening day orders weeks in advance to guarantee that the shop would not run out before they could get there.

The eatery offers more than just Fat Boys, though. People who might not fancy a double cheeseburger can order ice cream, pizza, or fries.