Hanover pretzel bakery makes network television debut

May 10, 2013 by  

A television crew stopped by the Revonah pretzel bakery on a recent morning to film the pretzel bakers in action.

The crew was there to capture the bakers for a new amateur baking contest on CBS called ‘The American Baking Competition’. While the staff at Revonah (‘Hanover’ spelled backwards) won’t be competing on the show, the crew filmed there for a segment that will air during the show’s fourth episode.

Filming could not have happened on a better day, according to Kevin Bidelspach, the current owner of the pretzel bakery. Pretzels are very sensitive to the weather; if the air is too humid, the pretzels rise too much, and ideal temperatures are not too high. The day of filming was not humid and had cooler temperatures, both of which were ideal.

Despite the day being ideal for pretzel making, the team at Renovah produced fewer pretzels that day than usual. The bakery slowed production to accommodate the film crew. Bidelspach noted that the bakery would lose money if it usually only produced that number of pretzels each day.

The pretzel bakery might want to make use of printing services to promote its appearance on the show, although each person at the bakery on the day of filming had to sign a five-page confidentiality agreement to ensure that that the content of the show does not get given away.

‘The American Baking Competition’ starts airing on May 29 on CBS. The show is scheduled for 8:00 pm Eastern time and will be hosted by Jeff Foxworthy. Ten amateur bakers will compete for a grand prize of $250,000.