Hanover gives gift of blood

January 8, 2013 by  

Blood can be a lifesaver for people who are severely injured or ill, but there is a continual shortage of blood at many hospitals. On Friday, January 4, residents of Hanover attempted to fix that.

People gathered to donate blood at the Red Cross Blood Drive, which took place at the North Hanover Shopping Mall. Joe Black, a DJ from local radio station 98.5 The Peak, spent his day broadcasting from the blood drive. Black’s presence did a lot to bring people in to donate. At least one person, Russ Kessel, went to donate after hearing about the drive on the radio. The Red Cross could have also made use of Hanover printing services to advertise and broadcast the event.

The radio station encouraged its own employees to head out to donate at the blood drive as well. In addition to promoting the blood drive, Black also handed out free gifts to people stopped by, including key chains and ice scrapers. Anyone who donated was given free passes to movies at a local theater. Donors were also entered into a raffle to win $250 to spend at Kenny’s Marketplace.

Red Cross workers acknowledge that January is typically a difficult month to get people to come out and donate. Poor weather and sickness usually work against encouraging people to donate blood. Despite the usual low turnout, January is Blood Donor Month. According to local donor recruitment director Tracy Scott, the Red Cross thanks anyone who is able to make it out to donate in January and throughout the rest of the year.