Hanover girl celebrates charity at her birthday

November 14, 2012 by  

When most eight-year-olds are asked what they want for their birthday, they respond with a list of fun toys and games. Instead of the usual toys and presents, Mackenzie Whipple of Hanover asked for shoes for her eighth birthday.

She didn’t want the shoes for herself, however. Instead, she intends to donate them to Still Water – a shelter that protects abused women and their families. Mackenzie received the donations during her birthday party at a local bowling alley on November 10. Shoes donated included white sneakers, snow boots, and hot pink sneakers. Over a dozen pairs were donated for Mackenzie, enough to provide shoes for eight children and women at the shelter.

Mackenzie was inspired to donate instead of asking for gifts for herself after she saw a commercial on television asking people to be charitable. She noted that she has all she needs and that she wanted to help others. She came up with the idea of asking guests to her birthday party to donate items.

Her mother, Shannon, created a Facebook group that listed the types and sizes of shoes needed. Guests’ parents signed up through the group for the shoes they wanted to donate. Once all the shoes needed were claims, guests purchased gift cards to WalMart to give to the shelter. The Whipples will deliver the items and gift cards to the shelter this coming week.

Hanover stationery printers could be called into action to recognize Mackenzie’s efforts. The youngster says she plans to continue to donate to the shelter and hopes to offer toys and garments in the near future.