Superstorm Sandy Postpones Halloween in Easton

November 8, 2012 by  

Hurricane Sandy left its mark on the town of Easton, PA in several ways. For days, thousands of residents were without power. The storm also had an impact on the city’s Halloween festivities.

The Easton Halloween parade was a casualty of the storm. On November 1, officials announced that they would be cancelling the parade for the first time in 30 years, out of concern for public safety. Gas shortages would make it difficult to drive police cars and parade floats. Additionally, equipment needed to run the parade smoothly, such as traffic controls, are already being used to block off areas damaged by the storm.

Although the parade was canceled, trick or treating lived on. Trick or Treat night, originally scheduled for Halloween night from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm, was moved to November 3 and scheduled for the same time slot, giving people time to recover from the storm, and in many cases have their electricity restored. On Saturday, hundreds of children took to the streets, dressed in costume.

People were happy to give the trick-or-treaters candy. Even people who remained without power distributed treats to the children. Utility workers repairing downed power lines got into the Halloween spirit and handed out candy to the children. Many costumed children repeated the gesture, offering candy from their trick or treat bags to the workers.

Easton printing services could have been used by the city to alert residents to the changes in the Halloween schedule due to the storm. Flyers, posters and banners could have informed people of rescheduling and cancellations, especially if they were not able to obtain that information due to a loss of power.