Late night hot dogs come to Easton

April 6, 2013 by  

As the weather starts to warm up, people are more likely to venture out or to spend nights out on the town. In Easton, people now have an inexpensive dining option for those late nights.

Downtown Dawg, a take-out and delivery establishment that specializes in hot dogs, opened on North 4th street at the end of last month. Nathan Haschak, the owner of the eatery, said that he wanted to open a place that was affordable and simple, in contrast to the fine dining and more expensive options that are usually available in the downtown area.

The menu at Downtown Dawg includes regular hot dogs as well as chili dogs. It also features a number of sides, such as French fries and baked beans. One menu option that sets it apart from other hot dog shops is pierogies. As the store offers mostly delivery service, perhaps they used an Easton printing company to produce printed versions of the menu to distribute to customers.

According to Haschak, the hot dog shop has a delivery radius of between 10 and 15 miles from the store. Along with delivery, the store does a brisk business in takeout orders, particularly late on weekend nights. On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, Downtown Dawg is open until 3:00 am, to accommodate the after-hours bar crowd. During those late night hours, the line is typically out of the door.

Haschak hopes to appeal to people during other hours of the day, too. To attract those who might be out for a stroll with their pets, he’s set up ‘Dawg Parking’ – an area for people to leash their pets while ordering hot dogs.