Keep abreast of events in Easton

December 27, 2011 by  

The 2012 City of Easton Major Events Calendar is now available. It features photographs by local photographers and will keep you abreast of major city events. It will also look good hanging on your kitchen wall.

The Easton calendar is free, colorful and full sized, featuring a different photograph for each month. It lists such popular Easton events as Easton Heritage Day, Garlic Fest and the Chocolate Lovers’ Soiree. It is definitely a must have for all residents.

Many cities throughout the United States and Canada make such calendars available to their citizens. They usually are a place to list all the city events, services and to highlight the natural beauty of the area. Printing companies in Easton were probably called upon to create this calendar. Calendar printing is not very expensive and the end product is often used for marketing and/or fundraising. They are also used by businesses as a way to market their products and services and to build a relationship with customers and clients.

Customers and clients like to think they are important to your business; providing them with a yearly calendar is a nice way to thank them for their patronage and to encourage them to continue using you for their needs in the future.

Most people hang their calendars in the kitchen for easy access to information and to make notes; everyone in the house visits the kitchen at one time or another. Creating a calendar is a smart business move for any business or city government; especially when they are free.