Easton recycles holiday trees

January 10, 2014 by  

For those who don’t own a truck or a wood chipper, the city of Easton is giving people an easier solution for disposing of their Christmas trees responsibly.

While artificial trees can be boxed up and used again next year, real ones won’t last that long and need to be disposed of. People can drive their trees over to the local recycling center or chop them up and use them as mulch, or take advantage of a service that will save them the inconvenience.

Up until January 16, people can leave their trees on the curb. The trees will be picked up and taken to the recycling center, not the landfill, and will be turned into wood chips.

People should take any decorations, lights, and tinsel off of the trees before putting them on the curb. Easton can use services like flyer printing to let people know of the exact rules for tree pick-up. The trees can be put in plastic bags, if doing so makes it easier to transport them to the curb, but should not be wrapped in string or rope.

On Monday, January 13, the city will collect trees from the College Hill area. The following day, it will pick up trees from 10th Street east to Larry Holmes Drive. The South Side will be the focus of the collection on the Wednesday, and January 16 will see trees picked up from west of 10th Street to 15th Street, meaning everyone still has a chance to say goodbye to their tree in an environmentally friendly way.