Santa to visits Doylestown to help save children’s playground

December 5, 2012 by  

If anyone understands the importance of play to children, it’s Santa Claus. The jolly gift-giver is set to visit Doylestown on December 8 in an effort to preserve and fix up the city’s well-known ‘Kids Castle’.

The Kids Castle is a part of the city’s Central Park. The wooden castle has won Reader’s Choice awards in the past, but is now deteriorating. While the castle is still safe for children to play on, if efforts are not made to repair and replace the parts of the structure, it will not be useable in the next few years. Community efforts are therefore underway to raise money for the repairs.

This year, Santa Claus will combine his yearly visit with a mini-fundraiser for the Kids Castle. He is scheduled to arrive at the Castle on a fire truck at 9:30 am this Saturday. In addition to the tradition of letting Santa know what they want for Christmas, children are also encouraged to bring ideas for the rebuilt castle to Santa. Doylestown flyer printing could be used to spread the word of Santa’s visit.

The event will give families the chance to snap a free photo with Santa, as long as they bring their own camera. Hot chocolate and cookies will be available for free. A bake sale will raise money for the rebuilding of the Castle and Santa will also have a kettle into which people can drop money to support the reconstruction efforts. All donations will be matched by Byers Choice, Ltd.