Network with peers at the Business Expo

April 9, 2012 by  

The 2012 Business and Technology Expo presented by the Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce will take place at Delaware Valley College on May 16 from 2-7 pm. This is the 29th annual Expo which helps to showcase Bucks County’s leading businesses.

There will be several booths set up to showcase products and services, free coffee, free water for a limited amount of time, appetizers, and a business card exchange. The main event of the Expo is a business card exchange which will take place from 5-7pm and wine will be served. Those from Doylestown and nearby towns who are planning to attend the event will no doubt be placing a business card printing order before they attend. The business cards handed out at such networking events must be pristine. It’s suggested that business cards be kept in a planner, a notebook, or a business card case rather than a wallet to keep them in tip top shape.

Booths are available for $550 for 8×7, and $690 for 10×7; booths must be rented by April 24. Those who rent a booth, in addition to having their business name mentioned in advertisements for the event and on the Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce website, can also donate an item to be raffled off. Business cards are dropped off at the various booths and one is drawn to win the prize. There will be an Expo award for the three best booths.

This will be a great occasion to meet like-minded business people in the area and exchange ideas and contact with them.