Local filmmaker makes movie on location in Doylestown

July 7, 2013 by  

Sean Patrowich of Hatbora may not yet have made it to Hollywood, but he is in the midst of making his own movie.

Patrowich, now 42, gathered up a group of friends from high school and work to create a film called ‘Wasted Lives Chapter Two’. The movie is being filmed around the Doylestown and Hatboro area. One of the filming locations is the restaurant Puck, in Doylestown.

The film has a relatively small budget of $5,100. When finished, it will be just 20 minutes long. Patrowich does not expect it to win any major awards and says that his inspiration for making the movie was not to gain fame or fortune. Instead, he was inspired by the birth of his son to pursue his dreams.

Patrowich cast fellow Hatboro-Horsham High School alumna Libby Felton in the lead role of the movie. Felton had not acted since appearing in a school production of ‘The Jungle Book’ in fourth grade. She plans on pursuing other acting opportunities after the movie. Her 11-year-old daughter, Isabella, also has a part in the film. Another former high school friend, Melany Kholoker, stars in the movie as well.

Wasted Lives Chapter Two is set to premiere at Puck on September 7. Patrowich could use poster printing to advertise the film and to create souvenirs for his cast and crew. After the premiere, he hopes to submit the movie to several festivals, including the Philadelphia Terror Festival, Tribeca Film Festival, and Sundance.