Link at Lunch in Doylestown

February 16, 2012 by  

The next Link at Lunch networking event will take place at Aldie Mansion on March 13 from 12-1 pm. Tickets are $35 for Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce members and $35 for non-members.

This event takes place monthly at various local establishments and is sponsored by various local businesses. It is an excellent chance to network with your fellow Doylestown and area business leaders. Make sure you bring along some business cards; printing extras in advance is a good idea so that you have plenty to hand out to those you meet.

Networking lunches usually mean that you are seated at a table with up to 10 people. Most of the time it is not planned so you can sit with people you have just introduced yourself to. Make sure you don’t sit with those you already know, but with those you want to get to know. It is hard for some people but you must introduce yourself to different people at each networking event you attend in order to grow your referral network. The key to having a successful networking lunch is to keep the talk positive and to find a way to let those whom you are sitting with what you can do for them. And make sure you smile. If the talk at your table has declined to negativity or small talk, try to steer them back around to business. You could maybe ask each person at the table to introduce themselves and give a 30-60 second blurb about what their business is and how they can help those at the table.