Learn all about buying locally

January 21, 2012 by  

The 3rd Locavore Buy Local Bucks County Community Event will take place at Superior Woodcraft on February 23 from 5-8 pm. It is a presentation of the Doylestown Business and Community Alliance and is a free event.

The Locavore movement supports the buying of locally produced food and products. Buying locally not only supports local farmers but it helps the economy; locally produced foods have less distance to go to store and therefore use less energy. In addition, those products are often cheaper and of better quality than those that are shipped from long distances. It is a movement that is catching on all over the world.

The Locavore Buy Local event will help “to raise awareness of local businesses, local farms and local foods,” emphasize the importance of supporting them and make them and their products better known in the community. Those who attend will sample locally grown food and locally produced beverages. The event will also celebrate the Doylestown Business and Community Alliance and all that it has done to improve the economy of the Bucks County area.

The event will also enable local business leaders and Community Alliance members to network with their Doylestown peers. If you plan to go make sure you arrange for business card printing in advance; take as many as you can carry and hand them out to everyone you meet. 425 local business leaders attended this event last year so you will have a chance to help grow your referral network.