Doylestown theater revives the classics

June 5, 2013 by  

The County Theater in Doylestown is bringing classic films back to the big screen throughout the summer.

The Hollywood Summer Nights series began yesterday, June 4, with a screening of ‘Jaws’ at 7pm. The initial screening proved to be popular enough that the theater added a second screening at 8:55 pm the same night. The film series gives people the chance to catch their favorites in the theater once again. It also gives a younger generation the opportunity to see films they missed the first time around.

The theater can make use of printing services to promote the series, which goes through September. Other films that will be screened as part of the series include ‘The 39 Steps’ on June 12, ‘The Great Escape’ on June 19, ‘Vertigo’ on July 7, ‘Gone with the Wind’ on August 25 and ‘The Apartment’ on September 4.

Admission to the films is free for people under the age of 18. The theater is also offering a ‘Hollywood Insider’ card. Each time a person attends a film that is part of the series, they receive a stamp. Five stamps gets them a free movie ticket and a voucher for the concessions stand. After a person gets 10 stamps, they earn a coupon for a restaurant. The theater is also giving out free popcorn to people who show up dressed in costume.

Along with the Hollywood Classics series, the theater is also screening darker, edgier films as part of its ‘After Dark’ series. After Dark films include ‘Chinatown’ on June 11 and ‘Robocop’ on August 20.