Doylestown teen honored with Young Heroes Award

August 15, 2012 by  

Eighteen young people were presented with the 2012 Young Heroes Award at the National Liberty Museum in Philadelphia on Thursday, August 9. Among the recipients of the award was Doylestown’s own Heidi Wortell.

The Young Heroes Award is given annually to young people who achieve great things during the year, usually involving helping others and volunteering. The award winners do not know they have been nominated or selected until the actual ceremony. This year’s winners came mostly from Pennsylvania and New Jersey. In the past, winners have come from all 50 states, as well as overseas countries such as India.

Heidi Wortell received the award due to her volunteer work in Costa Rica. Wortell traveled to the Central American country on a mission trip with Doylestown’s Covenant Presbyterian Church. Funding for her trip was donated by friends and family members.

While in Costa Rica, Heidi spent two weeks helping a small village, Vara Blanca, recover from the devastating earthquake that occurred last year. As part of her efforts, she removed debris and helped families rebuild their farms and buildings. She only returned from her trip the night before the awards ceremony.

In addition to helping families affected by the natural disaster, Wortell also bonded with a Costa Rican girl, with whom she stayed during the trip. The pair plan on communicating via letters. To help each learn each other’s language, Heidi will write in Spanish and her friend will write in English.

Doylestown area printing companies could have been utilized to prepare for the award ceremony. Each award winner received a printed certificate and a medallion.