Doylestown school board meeting chock-full of accomplishments

October 11, 2012 by  

The Central Bucks School District met in Doylestown on Tuesday, October 9, to discuss a number of issues of importance to the schools and community. Early in the agenda was a special recognition of a trio of Central Bucks students for their involvement in the 9/11 Heroes Run. Also on the agenda was the approval of a long-term capital reserve fund.

Currently, if any schools in the Central Bucks district need repairs or renovation, the district is forced to borrow the money. The establishment of a capital reserve fund would eliminate the need for borrowing. School board officials noted that the initial target level for the fund was quite low – only $6m. The value of all of the buildings in the district is over $700m combined. The $6m is already earmarked for a number of projects, including renovations to Holicong Middle School and work on a stadium at Central Bucks East High School. The school board voted on the issue during the meeting.

Also on the meeting’s agenda was a recognition of three Central Bucks High School students. Each of the three students served as liaisons between their respective high schools and the organizers of the 9/11 Heroes Run in September. The three students are Alex Butler, who attends Central Bucks East, Ryan Kelly, a student at CB South, and Brian Spitzer from CB West.

Although the public was invited to the meeting, not all were able to attend. A Doylestown print company could produce a flyer listing the issues covered at the meeting if the board wishes to publicize its discussion further.