Do some networking over golf

April 9, 2012 by  

The Chamber of Commerce, Inc is holding its third annual Spring Golf Outing at Cranberry Highlands Golf Course on May 21 beginning at 10am. Single tickets are $175 and foursomes cost $700; dinner only is $25.

The day will start off with a buffet lunch from 10-11:45am and tee off time will be at noon. The day of golf will be followed by a happy hour, dinner, and awards. Chamber members, from all over Cranberry Township, will be ordering new business card printing before attending this fun annual event.

Golf can be a very powerful networking opportunity. While regular networking events bring business peers together and allow for business card exchange, it is often a very quick and superficial meeting. However, according to business and life coach Scot Duke, a golf game puts a person together with up to four players for four or more hours giving lots of time to instil trust and to really get to know a person.

One of the most memorable scenes out of the movie “Bringing up Baby” is Cary Grant trying to play a round of golf with a man that has money to donate to his research project at the museum. He wasn’t much of a golfer but he knew that the way to get the many to give him money was to find something in common with him, and probably lose to him on purpose.

While networking, it is best to be sincere but it is a long standing belief that playing golf with a business man or woman is one of the best ways to get to know them.