Cranberry Township Y offers fitness and weight loss classes

February 4, 2014 by  

The YMCA is now offering classes for those looking to shed their excess pounds gained over Christmas.

By the time February rolls around, most people have forgotten about or set aside their new year’s resolutions to work out more or lose weight.

To help people stay on track and reach their fitness goals, the YMCA in Cranberry Township, and the one in Butler, are offering Y Weight Choose to Lose fitness classes. The class in Cranberry Township is taught by Kathy Hensler, a personal trainer and group exercise coordinator.

Hensler says she was inspired to start the program by the Biggest Loser reality TV program. Disappointment in programs such as Weight Watchers also led to her creating the classes at the Cranberry Y five years ago.

Each program lasts 10 weeks and encourages people to improve their physical body as well as their spirit and minds. Classes include lessons on nutrition, stress reduction and exercise. The courses are open to all, from beginners to avid fitness fans. The teachers can use brochure printers to promote the classes and encourage people to sign up.

The program in Cranberry Township started on January 25. A typical class session includes a group workout, discussion and weigh in. The program also encourages people to exercise throughout the week, whether they head to the gym or walk on a treadmill at home. Instead of focusing on a magic pill or quick fix, the weight loss classes offer students a way to adjust their habits for lifelong healthiness.