Cranberry Township residents work to rebuild playground

August 6, 2013 by  

Cranberry Township residents of all skill levels recently banded together to put together the new Kids Castle at the Community Park.

The community was allowed to help out on the playground from July 31 until August 4. Volunteers were put to work in two shifts each day, either from noon to 4:00 pm or from 4:30 pm until 8:00 pm. Anyone with an interest in helping out was welcome to volunteer, even if they had no prior experience of building or working with tools. About 300 people initially signed up to help out.

Dave Ainello of Play By Design stated that there was a job for everyone, from painting the new castle to taking wood from the old playground and putting it to use in the new one. Play By Design is the company working with Cranberry on the new playground design.

The new play area will be divided into three areas: Cranberry Today, Cranberry Yesterday, and Cranberry Tomorrow. Local school-aged children were asked to submit ideas for the design of the Cranberry Today section. The most popular design elements were chosen from the students’ submissions and will be part of the soon-to-open playground.

The township can make use of printing services to recruit more volunteers for the project. Landscaping and fixtures will be installed on the playground area during the rest of August. Cranberry is looking for more volunteers to help out during that phase, and a final dedication for the playground is scheduled for the end of September.