Cranberry Township Moms get a night out

May 8, 2013 by  

Mothers in Cranberry Township and the surrounding area will get an excuse to enjoy an evening of relaxation just a few days before Mother’s Day.

Tomorrow night, the Ross Park Mall will host a ‘Mom’s Night Out’. The event is sponsored by two local radio stations – Q92.9 and Bob FM.

The highlight of the evening out is a contest called ‘Shopped!’, which is a riff on the Food Network program ‘Chopped’. At the start of the night out, moms will have the opportunity to register to participate in the game. A local print company could be hired to print the registration forms.

Three names will be drawn at random at 6:30 pm, and each of the trio chosen will be given a $500 gift card to the stores at the mall and paired with a stylist.

The goal of Shopped! is to put together an outfit perfect for a night out. Like the television show that inspired it, each contestant will be given three secret ‘ingredients’ that need to be worked into the outfit. For example, a mom might have to include the color green, a necklace, and an animal print in the choice of clothing.

The three women who participate in the game get to keep the outfits they pick out. A judging panel will choose the winner, who will receive the grand prize. Runners-up also get gift certificates and other prizes. All moms who show up at the start of the evening will receive a gift bag full of samples.

It takes place tomorrow, May 9, starting at 5:30 pm.