Cranberry Township gives parents a night on the town

March 5, 2013 by  

Every parent needs the occasional night off from taking care of the kids. This March, Cranberry Township will give local parents a chance to enjoy a night out while their kids are safely looked after.

The Parks and Recreation Department of Cranberry Township is hosting an ‘It’s Kids’ Night In, Parents’ Night Out’ event later this month. Children between the ages of 5 and 12 will be watched by township staff for three hours while their parents have the opportunity to enjoy dinner out, a movie, or whatever they want to take in.

Kids’ Night In will feature an age-appropriate movie, as well as crafts and games. Snacks will be available for the kids to enjoy, and a Wii will also be set up for the youngsters.

To keep the event safe and fun, the child-to-staff member ratio will be kept low. Cranberry Township officials have stated there will never be more than eight kids for every one adult staff member.

Cranberry Township poster printing can help spread the word about the event. Parents might be happy to learn that they have a safe place to drop their children off for the evening. The event is most likely less expensive than hiring a babysitter, at a cost of $25 per child for residents and $30 per child for non-residents.

Kids’ Night In, Parents Night Out will be held at the Cranberry Township Municipal Center, 2525 Rochester Road on March 22. The session begins at 7:00 pm and wraps up at 10:00 pm.