Cranberry Township getting ready for bear season

May 16, 2012 by  

It’s not everyday that a person sees a black bear, especially in front of a veterinary hospital or in a local park, but bears are exactly what residents of Cranberry Township have seen over the past week.

Though initially alarming, bear sightings frequently occur in Cranberry Township in mid-spring, as spring brings changes to the bears. Mother bears are sending their cubs off into the world for the first time and it’s also mating season, meaning more and more bears are roaming around.

Cranberry Township officials have made use of sign and banner printing from local companies. Several areas where bears were spotted were roped off and signs were displayed informing the public that bears had been seen in the vicinity.

As well as identifying the locations of the bears, locals should also be aware of how to act if they see one. They should always keep their distance from the bear. While it is rare for a black bear to attack a person, it can happen, especially in the case of mother bears who are very protective of their cubs.

As soon as the bear is seen, it’s best to walk away from it slowly and calmly, particularly if the bear has not noticed the person. Bears can be startled by quick movements, so running should be avoided.

Since the bears usually do not hurt people or damage physical objects, the officials in Cranberry Township tend to let them be. To encourage the bears to move on, officials advise that people do not feed them. A bear is unlikely to return to an area if unable to find food.