Cranberry Township child invited to sold out concert

July 7, 2013 by  

Dalton Foreaker surprised everyone at the Hope Learning Center by singing the song ‘Some Nights’ by the band FUN during a recent talent show.

It was not Dalton’s vocal skills or musical expertise that blew everyone away. It was the fact that the five-year-old is usually not able to answer simple questions or have a conservation.

Communication is usually very difficult for the young boy, as he has autism. His mother, Casey Foreaker, was among those surprised by his four-minute performance.

Dalton’s song wasn’t only enjoyed by his family and others attending the talent show in Pine, which is near Cranberry Township, where the family lives. The clip made it to YouTube and was eventually posted on the Facebook page of FUN.

That was where it caught the eye of the band’s manager, who is also named Dalton. Dalton Sim stated that he probably would not have paid the video any mind had the young boy in it not had the same name as him. After seeing the video, Sim reached out to young Dalton’s mom and invited the family to attend the band’s upcoming, sold out show in Pittsburgh. Sim stated that he knew it was hard for families who have children with autism, which is why he asked the family to attend the concert.

FUN recently won two Grammy awards and was awarded album of the year for ‘Some Nights’ and won ‘Best New Artist’. The Pittsburgh concert takes place on July 18, and is no doubt the subject of promotional poster printing in the area.