Young entrepreneurs from Butler start dog-washing business

August 3, 2013 by  

While most school-aged children are enjoying the fun and freedom summer brings, a group of kids in Buffalo Township, near Butler, are enjoying their summer a bit differently, and recently reached their money-raising goal.

The three children, Amanda Huff and Megan Froust, both 10, and Mia Dress, 9, have created their own dog-washing business, called ‘Showers for Shelters’. The girls started the business as a way to spend more time with pets and to raise money in support of the Butler County Humane Society. The trio charges $3 per shampoo.

So far, they have surpassed their goal of $100 for the Humane Society. They plan on using the money to purchase items listed on the Society’s website as being much-needed, such as cat litter, canned foods, and chew toys

The young charity-minded entrepreneurs have enlisted some sibling help to wash and care for the dogs. Mia’s older brother, Liam, and Amanda’s older sister, Emily, have assisted the girls in this area. They have shampooed 10 dogs so far and plan to keep the business going until school starts up again at the end of the month.

The girls have distributed flyers to promote their business and have gone door-to-door to make sales pitches. If they plan on continuing the business, they could consider business card printing to spread the word to both teachers and the parents of their classmates.

The initial idea was to open a dog-walking business, but Megan’s mom convinced them to focus on washing dogs. She noted that few people enjoy shampooing their pups and most would gladly pay someone else to do so.