Butler sets up drop boxes for prescription medication

January 5, 2014 by  

Pennsylvania recently received a $100,000 federal grant to set up 250 drop boxes across the state. Seven of those boxes will be located in Butler County, giving people a safe way to dispose of unwanted or unneeded prescription medication.

The safe disposal of prescription drugs reduces the chance of those medications being sold illegally or being used by the wrong people, according to Richard Goldiner, the district attorney for Butler County. The drop boxes will also reduce the number of medications flushed down the toilet. While sometimes the recommended way to dispose of the drugs, flushing medications can pollute the water supply.

The seven drop boxes are located at police stations throughout the county. Boxes are set up at the Butler and the Butler Township station, as well as at Slippery Rock, Penn, and Saxonburg. There is also a box in the lobby at the Butler County Prison. The county could use printing services to promote the drop box program to the public. The organizers of the program decided to put the boxes at police stations so that the boxes are both secure and convenient for residents.

Before dropping off any medications, the Pennsylvania Medical Society suggests that people black out or conceal any personal details, such as their name and address, printed on the bottles.

Officials will collect the medications from the boxes and incinerate them to destroy them. Almost any type of prescription will be accepted in the boxes, except for inhalers, medical waste, needles, and aerosols.