Butler receives grant to boost recycling

March 10, 2014 by  

To help encourage more recycling during and after large events, Butler County recently received a grant from the state, which it will use to buy large recycling bins.

The country received a total of $5,000, which allowed it to buy 50 recycling containers. The plan is to lend the bins out to organizations holding big events, whether they are public or private.

The containers have different functions; five of them are designed to collect food waste, while another five are for the collection of paper only. A further 20 of the bins can accept all types of recyclables and the remaining 20 are only for beverage containers, such as cans and bottles. Butler County could use printing services to let local businesses and organizations know about the bins and to give information on how a group can borrow a container, as well as how they can recycle the flyer or brochure in question when they have finished with it.

The bins are designed slightly differently based on the type of material they can accept. For example, the paper-only bins are green and will have a slot opening. The containers designed for cans and bottles will have round openings. The different designers are meant to encourage people to use the bins correctly, and not make the mistake of putting paper in the beverage bin or vice versa.