Butler dentist wants to buy back candy

November 6, 2012 by  

Trick-or-treating on Halloween means lots of candy for children, which can be a nightmare for parents and dentists alike, since all the sugar in candy can lead to tooth decay and cavities. Dr. Bob Todd, a dentist at Butler Smiles Dental Care, is therefore offering to take the candy off children and parents’ hands.

Dr. Todd will buy back Halloween candy from children, whether they are his patients or not. He’s offering $1 per pound. The maximum he will buy back from each child is three pounds. In addition to receiving up to $3 for their trick-or-treat sweets, children will also get a goody bag full of tooth-friendly items.

The candy will not go to waste. Dr. Todd will donate it to a program known as Operation Gratitude. Formed in 2003, Operation Gratitude sends care packages to US Service members serving overseas in hostile regions. So far, the organization has sent over 815,000 to the troops.

A Butler print company could help the dentist and his office spread the word about the Buy Back program. A flyer or poster would be able to list what children will get when they trade in their candy, as well as the benefits of forgoing so many sweets around this time of year.

This year is the second year that Butler Smiles Dental Care has participated in the Candy Buy-Back program. People are invited to drop of the candy between regular office hours on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday until November 9. The dental office is located at 291 Evans City Road.