Butler County Airport receives hefty grant

September 4, 2013 by  

Airports need to be updated on a regular basis to keep up with new laws and safety regulations in the aviation industry. To keep up with the needed changes, the Butler County Airport was recently given $1m in grants from the state and federal government. The funds will be used to widen the size of the taxiway and to create a larger safety buffer zone around the airport’s edges.

Although the grant and plans for expansion were announced at the end of August, construction will not begin until sometime next year. Typically, grants for aviation updates are announced in the spring, so that airports have time to begin projects before the winter. Due to the sequester and budget issues with the federal government, the grants were delayed until the end of the summer this year.

The plans for the airport include making the taxiways 40 feet wide. Currently, they are 20 feet across. The airport will also purchase an additional four acres of land at the end of the runway. Aviation laws require airports to have a substantial buffer zone to ensure protection of any businesses or residences around the airport. The airport can use flyer printing to provide information on upcoming changes to the public.

Pennsylvania is has just over $5m in grants to give to airports for improvements. The Butler County Airport is one of 15 in the state receiving money. Of the total money received by the airport, 90% is from the federal government, 5% from the state and the remaining 5% from the county.