Butler celebrates independence

July 12, 2012 by  

There has never been a better time to be a small, independent business than the first week of July in Butler, PA.

The downtown portion of Butler joined with the American Independent Business Alliance to celebrate Independents Week from July 1 – 7. During the week, residents were encouraged to support local small businesses. The week gave businesses and residents the chance to join together to celebrate their town.

Independents Week is a program started by the American Independent Business Alliance. The Alliance provided Butler Businesses with materials needed to promote the week-long event. In the spirit of the week, small businesses in Butler could have made use of local print companies for poster printing and other promotional materials.

The downtown area of Butler recognizes that its independent businesses are what make the city unique among other cities. Butler’s Main Street is dotted with a number of independent businesses, from an antiques dealer to a butcher and from a notary to a number of doctors’ offices. Over the course of Independents Week, these local businesses offered a number of sales and other promotions designed to bring in residents and other visitors.

One local business took the idea of Independents Week a step further. In Flair Form Design Company is sponsoring a fundraiser for Butler Downtown. The store sells custom-made jewelry, personalized bags, and scented candles. The fundraiser started during Independents Week and will continue through the month of July. The store will donate a portion of all sales from its Thirty One line to Downtown Butler.