Become educated about Mercellus Shale

March 30, 2012 by  

The Mercellus Shale Summit II and Expo will take place at the Butler Days Inn Conference Center on April 19 from 10 am – 6 pm. Admission is free and the summit is presented by the Butler Media Group.

A large natural gas deposit was found in the area and this summit will discuss drilling for that gas and the effect on Butler County and on businesses in the area. The day will feature a seminar by Dr. Terry Engelder and several panel discussions.

Topics expected to be discussed include:

• Economic impact of Marcellus Shale and opportunities for local entrepreneurs
• How prepared are we? An overview by emergency management and safety experts
• Pennsylvania taxes and impact fees
• A scientist’s explanation of induced earthquakes

There will also be a business to business expo which will feature several vendors. Some of the vendors expected to attend are the Butler County Chamber of Commerce, the United Way of Butler County, Land Owners Advocacy, Keystone Energy Forum, and Butler County Ford. The vendors, especially the non-profit ones, will most likely be working with local brochure printers to provide literature for those who visit their booths for more information.

There are many questions that a community has when there is going to be a large-scale drilling project in the area. They wonder how it will affect the environment, how it will affect homeowners, and how it might help or hinder the economic well-being of Butler. Informational summits such as this one can help to set people’s minds at ease.