Bethlehem students learn to love locally-grown food

November 1, 2012 by  

Students at Moravian College in Bethlehem had a bit of a shock last week. As part of Food Day, a number of apples had been brought to the school from nearby orchards.

While apples might not seem to be a cause for alarm, what surprised students, including junior Caroline Clark, was how many different varieties are available. In supermarkets, usually only a handful of apple varieties are available. Scholl Orchards, which is located just a few miles from Moravian, had provided a number of rarely-seen apples, including such varieties as Ida red and Stayman Winesaps.

Clark was amazed at the difference in taste between the apples from the orchard and ones she usually finds in supermarkets, commenting that the orchard apples were juicier and much fresher.

The Food Day event in Bethlehem was organized by Moravian’s director of academic leadership programs, Michelle Schmidt. Schmidt saw the event as an excellent opportunity to raise students’ awareness about healthy food and as an opportunity to get them to consider their food choices more carefully.

The October 24 event was just one of many planned for the Bethlehem area in honor of Food Day. The next step for Moravian might be to promote healthier foods and foods grown locally in the cafeteria. The Bethlehem school could invest in poster printing if it does decide to have locally produced food in the cafeteria. The posters could list the origin of specific foods and give students details on the farms and farmers.