Bethlehem high school students pick bands for Musikfest

August 1, 2013 by  

As part of a creative new class offered at a Bethlehem School District high school, students took charge of booking some of the acts for the area’s upcoming Musikfest, which kicks off tomorrow.

Liberty Hill School and Freedom High School students who enrolled in an elective called ‘Marketing Musikfest 30’ were given hands-on experience in booking and promoting bands for the annual festival.

Students in each class found the bands using the website Sonicbids, which is the same site used by the producers of Musikfest to find talent. The students had not heard the bands before finding them on the website, though they were also given the opportunity to book bands not found on Sonicbids. Bands selected by the students include an electronic act named Mad Rapture, a hip-hop group call Ground Up, and a honky-tonk band of the name Fox Street Allstars.

Each act had a marketing budget of about $200. The students had to stay within budget as they worked to promote the bands they booked. They made use of Twitter and press releases to advertise their acts. The students could also have connected with a local printing company to produce flyers, posters, and postcards to spread the word. Many of the students designed flyers promoting the performances themselves.

The bands picked by students at Liberty Hill will perform on August 3 from 2:20 pm until 6 pm at the Plaza Tropical stage. Bands chosen by Freedom students perform on August 10 at the same time.