New Industrial Museum opening in Darlington

April 15, 2012 by  

The grand opening of the Beaver County Industrial Museum will take place on May 6 from 1:30-5 pm. Admission is free. The museum presents the history of the glass and steel industry in Beaver County.

The Beaver County Industrial Museum is located in Darlington; it joins the McCarl Industrial and Agricultural Museum of Beaver County run by the Little Beaver Historical Society which features some of the engines and machinery used in those industries. Their mission is to “to preserve and publicly display a few remnants of the Golden Age of Industry in the County which ran from around 1900 into the 1980s.” The Beaver County Industrial Museum will feature a large collection of documents, photographs, slides, movies, videos and artifacts of the steel and glass industries in the area. The museum will be open on weekends from May through October.

People from all over the area including Beaver Falls will no doubt want to visit this museum; it will most likely become a place for parents to bring their children for weekend outings. Printing companies in the area will probably be providing instructional literature and signage for the new museum.

It is important to remember our industrial history; it shows how far we have come and give other ideas on how to improve those industries in the future. The glass and steel industries played a large part in the improvement of the Beaver County area and provided a great standard of living for those who worked in those industries.