Beaver Falls wants to boost business

October 2, 2012 by  

Like everywhere else in the country, Beaver Falls has felt the effects of the recession, but city officials want to improve business in the downtown area and are pursuing an interesting course to do so.

Announced last month, the proposed idea is to ban dogs and leashed pets from a stretch of 7th avenue between 10th and 20th street. According to city officials, dogs tied to parking meters along the street are a nuisance to pedestrians. One of the many reasons for the proposed ban is that dog owners often do not clean up after their pets, which makes the area unattractive and deters both businesses and pedestrians. The hope is that by removing any pets from the area, Beaver Falls can lure in new businesses, such as retail stores, to the 10-block stretch of street.

Councilman John Kirkland sees the proposed pet ban as the first step to renewing the downtown area. When the area was bustling in times past, pets were few and far between and most people were busy shopping, instead of taking their dogs for a walk.

The proposal is still up in the air but officials are set to make a decision on it by the year’s end. Although it remains unclear how the ban will be enforced, one way to inform Beaver Falls residents of it could be through flyer printing. Flyers can explain which areas will be off-limits to dogs and what pet owners can do instead.