Beaver Falls professor joins Pennsylvania Economic Association

July 12, 2012 by  

Dr. Ralph Ancil, an economics professor at Geneva College in Beaver Falls, PA, was elected to the Pennsylvania Economic Association (PEA) board at the end of June. The PEA is a professional organization for economists and other social scientists in Pennsylvania and its neighboring states.

Dr. Ancil will serve on the board for three years. His responsibilities during his tenure will include organizing the annual meetings and arranging for their guest speakers, answering publication questions for the Association’s journal, contributing towards the ‘Pennsylvania Economic Review,’ and working on membership issues.

Prior to being elected to the Board, Dr. Ancil published a paper in the ‘Pennsylvania Economic Review,’ which is a peer-reviewed journal, in the fall of 2011. He does not believe that publishing a paper was a requirement for nomination, though he does credit the paper somewhat since the President of the Board read the paper, then made the nomination. Dr. Ancil’s paper argued that some businesses may be overcomplicating their economic calculations when using basic averages and algebra would suffice.

The PEA publishes the Review twice a year and accepts submissions from members of the Association as well as from non-members. Publication of the journal allows the Pennsylvania Economics Association to make use of local printing companies in Beaver Falls and other towns in the state.

Dr. Ancil received his PhD from Michigan State University. He currently teaches economics in the business department at Geneva College, which is a Christian college with programs in the arts, sciences, and professional studies.