Beaver Falls gets the sky-high treatment

September 3, 2012 by  

Beaver Falls and other areas of Beaver County will get a starring role in the upcoming ‘Pittsburgh From the Air II’ television special.

In 2011, WQED-TV aired a special called ‘Pittsburgh From the Air’, which featured aerial shots of Pittsburgh and other towns in Southwestern Pennsylvania. The program was incredibly popular with area viewers and the station decided to shoot another episode, this time including a wider area of Southwestern Pennsylvania.

The episode was shot using a gyroscopic, high-definition camera – the Cineflex V14. Camera people captured the images while flying in a helicopter above the geography of the western portion of the state. The cameras captured natural landmarks, such as mountains and gorges, as well as manmade ones like skyscrapers.

The special not only captured fixed landmarks and features but also events. There is footage of several high-school football games, as well as shots of the Pittsburgh Marathon. Shooting took place largely in the fall and spring, in contrast to the winter and summer footage of the first episode.

Proud residents of Beavers Falls can advertise their town and county’s upcoming television appearance with postcard printing. People can have the postcards printed with an image of a Beaver Falls landmark and can then forward them on to friends near and far to inform them of the upcoming special.

Pittsburgh From the Air II makes its debut on WQED-TV on October 4, 2012, airing at 8:00 pm. People who miss the debut will be able to purchase the DVD from the station shortly after the premiere.