Bala Cynwyd bids farewell to old favorite

August 1, 2013 by  

A notable change will be taking place at the MilkBoy coffee shop in Ardmore, near Bala Cynwyd. The current owners of the store, Jaime Lokoff and Tommy Joyner have decided to sell the popular Mainline coffee shop and venue as of today.

The new owners will give the coffee shop a new name, which has yet to be announced. The shop’s current staff will be retained and little else will change about the location. It currently has a number of shows scheduled, as well as open mic nights, which will perhaps be promoted through poster printing. Selling the coffee shop as it was, as an already well-established business, made it a lot easier for the owners to find a buyer.

Lokoff and Joyner opened the cafe in 2005 as an all-ages venue. It opens early and the morning and functions as a typical coffee shop. The cafe usually closes at 5:00 pm or 6:00 pm, unless there is a show that night for the evening revelers in the area to enjoy.

The pair had already been running a successful local recording studio prior to opening the venue. They are leaving the Ardmore location to focus once again on the recording studio and on the newest MilkBoy location, in Center City, Philadelphia. The pair also owned an additional cafe in Bryn Mawr, which they sold in the spring of last year. No farewell party or event is planned to mark the transition or to celebrate the sale