Teens proudly showcase livestock during Allentown fair

September 1, 2012 by  

Not every day do two cows named after characters in a Disney movie get to compete in a state fair but, during this year’s Allentown Fair, Sully and Mike Wizouski, two Holstein steers, are making an appearance.

The steers are cared for and raised by Lillie Geiger. Although Geiger is just a senior at nearby Parkland High School, she has nearly a decade of experience showing animals. She and her animals have been appearing at the Allentown Fair since Geiger was a mere eight years old.

She is not the only one in her family putting in an appearance at the fair. Her two sisters, Olivia and Hannah, both teenagers, are also showing steers. The little brother of the three girls, Jonas, aged 6, will proudly show off his range of vegetables, including potatoes, which are the showcase products of the Geiger Family Farm.

Lillie Geiger’s dedication to her two steers is obvious. She plans on camping out in the barn with the two throughout the week, although she will not be on her own with the steers. Other members of the 4-H club will also be spending their nights in the barn.

Both Geiger and Michelle Haas, another teenager showing animals in the fair, are happy to participate. Haas will be showing 12 pigs in the fair and says it is a great way to educate the public about animals. Perhaps the two teens may consider partnering with an Allentown printing company to produce a brochure describing the habits of pigs and cows.

The Great Allentown Fair began on August 29 and continues until Monday, September 3. It is taking place at the Allentown Fairgrounds at Liberty and Chew Streets.