Hundreds Band Together to Clean Up Allentown Park

May 4, 2012 by  

Residents of Allentown Park have struck a blow to those using a local landmark as a garbage dump.

Volunteers, along with the Lehigh County Parks Department, The Friends of Allentown Parks, and Buddhist organization Blue Mountain Zendo, they organized a cleanup. Several other area organizations also participated in the cleanup of Lehigh Mountain Park in Allentown.

Unfortunately for local residents, some people have decided to use as their personal landfill or garbage dump. Illegal dumping has turned into a big problem in the park, with Broken washing machines, dirty mattresses and the occasional stove a common sight.

The cleanup was scheduled for Saturday, April 28th. More than 200 people were involved. Tasks included picking up the garbage and landscaping to neglected areas. Friends of Allentown Parks was able to secure grants for much needed equipment, such as garbage bags and even a small dump truck.

The goal of the cleanup effort was twofold. First, the area needed to be cleaned. Secondly, the park needed attention. The executive director of Friends of Allentown Parks, Karen El-Chaar, noted that many Allentown residents did not even know about the park.

Poster printing from a local printing company could work in the park’s favor. Posters hung on local bulletin boards could alert people to the park’s presence and encourage them to make use of it. A well-placed, informative sign can also warn people against dumping in the park.

After the cleanup, the next goal is to install gates to prevent people from driving into the park to unload garbage.