Fantasy comes to Allentown Art Museum

June 1, 2012 by  

Look out for dragons at the Allentown Art Museum, starting this Sunday, June 3.

The next exhibition for the museum is “At the Edge: Art of the Fantastic,” a collection of 165 works dating from 1878 to today. What the artworks have in common is that they are all illustrations to accompany fantasy stories. Some of the stories are very familiar to most people, including Treasure Island and Stars Wars. Others may be less familiar but the illustrations no less captivating.

By presenting the exhibition, Allentown Art Museum is taking a bold step forward. While contemporary paintings, sculpture, and drawings are all considered to be high-brow enough for a museum, illustrations, especially genre illustrations, are often not. The purpose of the exhibition is to bring in a new audience to the museum; people who would not ordinarily visit but may be attracted by the subject matter.

According to Brooks Joyner, the president and CEO of the museum, the exhibit is the first of its kind to not only show the works together, but also create a historical connection between the artworks.

One of the major goals of the exhibition is to increase the museum’s visibility. Local printing companies in Allentown could help get the word out about the exhibit. Poster printing is a great way for the museum to advertise for the exhibit and give people a taste of what is in store.

Works on display include watercolors from the poet William Blake and 21st century works from Mark Zug, who was responsible for the “Magic: The Gathering” card game.