Allentown school board gives thumbs-up to uniforms

February 2, 2013 by  

Getting ready for school will be a bit different for students in the Allentown School District next fall.In a vote at the end of January, the school board approved a proposal for school uniforms.

Beginning with the next school year, students in all grades will be required to wear a uniform to school. C. Russell Mayo, the superintendent of schools, believes the uniforms will have a positive impact across schools. He highlighted the uniforms will create a consistency and a business-like setting that can only encourage learning.

The uniform decision had the support of many parents in the school district. Prior to the vote, the district sent surveys to parents. It was found that 80% of those who responded were in favor of uniforms. Students were less keen on the idea, but still largely supported it when surveyed. According to an informal survey of 9th through 11th graders taken by a senior, 50% were in favor of the uniforms and 50% were against the idea.

The one dissenting vote from the school board came from Julie Ambrose. She stated that she voted against the measure because she had concerns about how the uniforms would be implemented. Perhaps the school district can make use of Allentown brochure printers to distribute information on the uniforms to parents. The brochures can tell parents and students when the uniforms will need to be worn and where to purchase them. Information can also be provided to help families who might struggle to afford school uniforms.