Allentown sandwich shop gets new lease on life

August 3, 2013 by  

The New Street Lunch in Allentown has sat empty and unused for a few years but, at the end of July, the shut-down sandwich shop was rezoned and given a second chance.

The new zoning approval will allow the location, at 604 N. New Street, to serve alcohol as well as food. Plans are in the works to turn what was once a lunch place and sandwich shop into a tavern. The restaurant is owned by Elmo and Grisell Gonzalez, who have so far kept quiet about their exact plans for the space or when the new restaurant would be set to open. What is known is that they applied for a liquor license and the money needed to pay for it. They have yet to receive the actual license.

The couple agreed to a few ground rules to get the new zoning approved. The tavern will close at midnight instead of the usual 2:00 am, for example. The Gonzalezes also have an established a parking area next to the tavern’s property, with 49 spots. The attached parking would allow customers to park near the restaurant without taking parking spots away from residents of the area.

When the opening of the tavern gets closer, the couple can make use of flyer printing to advertise the new eatery and bar. They will not have to make many changes to the building itself, as the new tavern will seat 40 just like the current one. There is also a bar in place already, though the previous sandwich shop did not serve alcohol.