Allentown Fair Looking For Blue Ribbon Winners

August 2, 2012 by  

The Allentown Fair is now open to registration for people wishing to put their skills to the test against other competitors.

The competition boasts 21 departments for entry, such as flowers, vegetables and domestic arts. Each department is further divided into multiple categories. A participant can find a list of all the departments and categories in the Allentown Fair Premium List booklet, produced by a print company. The booklet is also available online.

With hundreds of different categories open for competition, almost everyone will be able to enter. Would-be participants wishing to enter can complete the required forms in person at the fairgrounds until August 4.

The benefit of registering in person is that clerks are available to answer any questions a person might have. Since there are so many categories, such as summer root vegetables and winter root vegetables,it might be hard for a person to determine which is the most appropriate for their items.

Since judging occurs before the fair begins, no registration will be accepted after August 4. Contestants in each category have the opportunity to win ribbons. Some categories also award cash prizes. Culinary contests take place on each day of the fair as well, which begins on August 28.

The office is located in the Agri-Plex, on the far end of the grounds. It will be open everyday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. until Saturday. If registrants are unable to make it in person, they have the option of sending in their entry form through the mail.