Yonkers students score prom dresses for $1

May 16, 2013 by  

To help Yonkers students afford the costs of formal dress, limos and tickets that come with prom, Operation Prom recently gave girls the opportunity to purchase $1 dresses.

The last sale of the 2013 prom season took place in Eastchester on May 5, starting at noon. The organization held dress sales across the county, in Mount Vernon, Yonkers, and White Plains.

Although the sale did not kick off until 12:00 pm, girls began lining up for the event at 9:00 am. The dresses were sold on a first come, first served basis. Within the first hour of the sale, the majority of the dresses were gone. The organization sold over 400 dresses within 45 minutes, which was twice the number sold last year.

Students came from all over Westchester county to purchase the dresses, and some even traveled up from the Bronx to check out the gowns on offer. Operation Prom received a healthy amount of attention from the press in 2013 and also worked with the county’s executive office to promote its events.

The proceeds from the sales go right back into Operation Prom, and it is estimated that the dress sales earned up to $500 for the organization. While the May 5 sale is the last for the 2013 prom season, the organization is not going to rest on its laurels. It will begin collecting dresses for the 2014 season in October, perhaps using flyer printing to advertise the dress collection at high schools and nearby colleges.