Yonkers shopping center offers free parking

January 9, 2013 by  

Shoppers who drive to the Ridge Hill Shopping Center in Yonkers will no longer need to dig for quarters in their purses or wallets.

On January 4, the Mayor of Yonkers, Mike Spano, and Forest City Ratner, the developer of the shopping center, announced that all meters would be removed from on-street parking. The idea is part of a plan to make the shopping center more appealing to shoppers. On-street parking will be reserved for the handicapped, families with children, and temporary parking.

Removing the meters allows the developer to improve the flow of traffic around the shopping center. There are plans to increase the number of handicapped parking spaces and to add
parking areas for people picking up to-go orders from restaurants at the shopping center.

In a statement, Mayor Spano said he was pleased with the plan. He stated that it would benefit both the city and shoppers, who would have an easier time navigating the roads around the shopping center. Removing metered parking means the city of Yonkers is able to allocate its resources more effectively.

The city of Yonkers might consider flyer printing to advertise the new parking situation and to advise drivers and shoppers of the new flow of traffic. The city has already begun to remove the parking meters from the streets near the shopping center. The redesign of the parking configuration and traffic flow will begin near the end of January. Although metered parking will be gone, the rules regarding garage parking at the Ridge Hill Shopping Center will not change.