Yonkers seniors celebrate early graduation

March 18, 2014 by  

A group of seniors from Gorton High School in Yonkers will have no way to know what “senioritis” feels like. As participants in the Future Leaders Inspired and Getting a Head Start on Tomorrow (FLIGHT) program, a number of seniors have already finished up high school and are ready to move on to the next phase of their education.

Students in the FLIGHT program finished all of the requirements for graduation by February. A commencement ceremony for the program was held at the end of last month at the Yonkers Riverfront Library. The Yonkers Board of Education could use local stationery printers to make certificates for each student, recognizing their achievement.

Those who have finished high school already have a few options; some have decided to get a jumpstart on their college career by enrolling in courses at a nearby community colleges. Others have taken on jobs that allow them to save money for college costs.

FLIGHT was created by the school district to raise the rate of graduation and to better prepare students for success in college. Each student in the program, which was started last year, plans to continue his or her education in college, either right away or in the fall semester.

Although students in FLIGHT have already participated in a commencement ceremony, they are welcome to participate in Gorton High’s official activities in June.