Yonkers seeks entrants for Curb Appeal contest

June 19, 2013 by  

Having the prettiest looking exterior or the best landscaping in the neighborhood is quite an aspiration, and the 2013 Curb Appeal contest gives homeowners in Yonkers a chance to prove it.

Mayor Spano’s Curb Appeal awards will give out prizes for the first time this summer. The plan is to make the awards an annual event.

According to Mayor Spano, the goal of the first annual awards is to:

“…recognize the hard work of those who encourage others in their area to take pride in their community, by enhancing its curb appeal.”

Spano noted that plenty of homes in the area feature exteriors that are well designed or that have eye-catching details.

Awards will be given in three categories, exterior improvement, landscaping, and originality and creativity. The exterior improvement category is for homes that have recently undergone an enhancement or that a homeowner recently made changes to in an attempt to improve the outside appearance. The landscaping category is looking for homes that look pleasant or that improve the appearance of the overall community. The creative category is for homes that stand out in the neighborhood.

Area stationery printers can create the certificates that will be given to winners of the contest. To enter, people should submit a photo and description of the home they are nominating, as well as the homeowner’s name and address, plus the name and address of the person nominating the home to City Hall. The deadline for nominations is July 5, and the awards will be given out on July 16.