Yonkers public school team makes it to the state Science Olympiad

March 17, 2013 by  

The science Olympiad team from PEARLS Hawthorne School placed fifth at the Lower Hudson Valley Regional Science Olympiad during the first weekend of March. Its placing means that the Yonkers middle school students will advance to the State Olympiad in April.

The PEARLS team is the first from a Yonkers public school to make it to the state Olympiad. By making it to fifth place during the regional event, the team bested 26 others from around the area. A Yonkers print company could provide the winning students with certificates of achievement in recognition of their win.

Christopher Hasson, a science teacher at the middle school and the team’s coach, observed that their win was particularly notable. The students on the science team raised funds to compete in the contests themselves, as funding to the team was reduced by the school district as a result of budget cuts. Hasson expressed immense pride in his team and in its success at the competition.

Seventeen students from PEARLS Hawthorne School, plus one Yonkers High School ninth-grade student, participated in the regional competition. There were a total of 20 events in the competition and hundreds of students from schools countywide participated. In addition to the strong overall finish, several students from PEARLS finished in top ranking places in their category. Brandon Spector and Casey Wetherbee took first place for Water Quality, while Toni Jackson and Luc Wetherbee took second place in the Extinct, Endangered, and Exotic Animals category. Harikrishnan Nair and Casey Wetherbee also came in second in the Forestry category.