Yonkers health organizations hold baby supplies collection drive

April 16, 2013 by  

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and, in honor of the U.S. holiday, two Yonkers-based health organizations, WESTMED Medical Group and Ayfa Foundation, are sponsoring a new drive to collect lightly-used baby supplies.

As part of a program called ‘Wazazi’, the supplies will be sent to African countries such as Malawi and Liberia and given to expectant or new mothers there. Before being shipped over, the baby supplies will be packaged into birth kits which are intended to save the lives of both baby and mother by making the birth process more sanitary and by providing supplies required for the child’s early life.

Flyer printing can help the two medical groups spread the word about the collection drive. The flyers could contain information on where to drop off supplies and what types of supplies are most in demand. People are invited to bring baby supplies to WESTMED locations in New Rochelle, Rye, Yonkers, and White Plains. Supplies needed include baby blankets, towels, hand sanitizer, and rubber medical gloves. Soap, hats for the babies, and diapers for newborns are also in demand.

The program takes its name from the Swahili word for ‘parent’. Along with donating much-needed items directly to the groups, people are also invited to hold their own parties to assemble the birth kits to be sent to the African countries.

Preventing maternal death and early childhood death is simple, as long as people are given the proper equipment. By delivering much needed supplies to areas that need them most, the Wazazi project hopes to significantly reduce the number of maternal deaths.