Plenty of SCORE workshops taking place this year

February 25, 2012 by  

The Yonkers Chamber of Commerce has an incredibly busy schedule ahead of it that’s highlighted with information-filled workshops such as those being held by SCORE.

Opening up with the words:

“If you want to start a small business, expand your business or simply solve a problem nagging your business, you can receive FREE expert advice from the Services Corps of Retired Executives. SCORE is a service of the Small Business Administration [SBA] and is made up of counselors who are successful executives either retired or still in business. These volunteers offer their time and expertise to assist you, the next generation of business leaders.

The Yonkers Chamber of Commerce is fortunate that SCORE has agreed to hold counseling sessions on a regular, weekly basis at our…offices.” (sic.)

Glancing through the list of past and upcoming workshops that have been held, what’s particularly striking is the way that each of these presentations have covered topics that matter to business owners. Going back to January there were events that covered practical subjects through sessions like “Financing Your Business” hosted by Jerry Gutterman and Bob D’Agostino’s “A Winning Business Plan”.

The nearest one has been entitled “Sales Strategies” and there are repeats of other universally applicable workshops like “Business Law & Tax Law”. Whether the company’s debating the ins and outs of an offline advertising concept or looking into the benefits of using digital business cards, these seminars have content that’s of use to everyone.

Since these “workshops are free” and don’t require RSVPs, they’re perfect for professionals at any stage in their careers.